Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hello!: Goals and Aspirations for this Blog

Hi all, and welcome to my first ever blog post! (Okay, right now there isn’t anyone to say hello to, but maybe someday soon?) I'm currently a master's student in Milwaukee, which doesn't usually leave much time for my crafting hobbies. For that reason, I’ve been looking forward to summer since last January, and now that I've finally got some time off, I’ve realized just how much stuff I’ve already bought for the projects I’ve been intending to make. Materials for scrapbooking, sewing, knitting, jewelry-making - you name it, I've probably bought it. I’m one of those people who often looks at something and thinks, “I can do that!,” buys the stuff to make it, and rarely follows through. Well, now it’s time to put my money where my mouth is and actually follow through on that mantra. 

I've been inspired by some wonderful blogs, and of course Pinterest is always a gold mine for new ideas, so I've started my own blog as a way to document my summer of projects, hopefully using old materials more than buying new ones, but certainly having fun along the way! Welcome to my journey! I'd love to know if you've been inspired to make your own versions of anything I post, or if you'd like to pass any more inspiration my way! Stay tuned for my first few projects...