Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Vacation Cascade

Hey kiddos. Forgive my long absence, and the short post today. I've had very little time for blogging and making recently because...vacation! 

[Yep, that little dot is me!]
After way too long without one, I finally got the chance to get out and go explore. Puerto Rico was very welcoming, we had so much fun!

Right before I left, I got the crazy idea to make a fun, festive skirt to take with me. JoAnn didn't have too many tropical options, but with some help from the girl at the cutting counter, I was able to pick one I liked.

[Taken in our awesome beachfront condo because, although I wore this skirt several times, we were never in very scenic locations!]
Bright and colorful and comfy, though shorts underneath were certainly a necessity. I even had a perfect matching scarf!

Forgive the awkward pics and tiny-looking friend was getting a little tired of taking these, so they were the best I had! 

I don't really have anything new to say about this pattern. You've all seen it a million times by now, right? I did try a fancy-ish ribbon technique on the underside of the back hem to cover up the ugliness, needs some work, honestly. Oh well, live and learn. 

I alllllmost thought I could make a full-on dress to take with me, too, but that didn't happen. It's currently sitting half-finished in my sewing room...hopefully it won't take until next summer to finish it. I need to start working through my UFOs!

Have you ever rushed to finish something before vacation? How did it turn out?