Monday, June 6, 2016

Lucky 100

Wow, I can't believe it's my 100th post here! Thanks for joining me for this momentous occasion. :-)

I'm not sure if you've heard, but this is Indie Pattern Month over at the Monthly Stitch. Given that June really snuck up on me, and I'm away for a business trip for a week, and after that I have friends in town (and and and), I wasn't planning to participate, but the stars really aligned to bring this project together.

First, I was cleaning out my closet. I found an unblogged skirt that I threw together last year, intended to be a maxi wrap skirt. However, I cut it a bit too short and could never get it to sit correctly, but last week I finally got around to pulling it out for a quick fix. Then, I saw a couple pairs of Purl Soho City Gym Shorts pop up on my sewing Facebook groups. The more I saw them, the more I liked them, and since I was waiting for a circle skirt to hang, I figured I could throw them together pretty quickly with the fabric left over from that skirt.  

Then I saw that the latest Seasonal Sew Wardrobe (SSW) contest was sleepwear, with a goal of making 6 sleepwear patterns in 3 months. And then I really got to thinking...hey, I could enter the shorts into the TMS contest as a new-to-me pattern company, and throwing in another new-to-me company might really bump up my chances of winning, and also get me a quick 2/6 items for the SSW!

All of this madness occurred to me around 9 pm on Friday, and I was putting the finishing touches on the shorts at 11:15 am Sunday, right before I was due to leave for my business trip (which provided a nice white bed as a background, another bit of serendipity!). 

Even if it weren't for the SSW, I think more PJs would be in my future...and certainly more City Gym Shorts! (Out shopping today, I saw some shorts that looked like they were made from the exact same pattern - for once I'm on-trend!) What about you - have you gotten the PJ bug yet? This set is so cute and comfy, I'm glad I finally made a matching one like I wanted.