Friday, May 8, 2015

I'm never very good at being seasonally appropriate

I try and I try, but when the mood strikes and I want something, I want it now. 

A little background story (haven't you come to expect and even love these?) On my last business trip, I made it a point to go to Village Wool, a cute little knitting shop with some fantastic sales. While I was there, I picked up a book containing a pattern for a Square Back Wrap, and 2 skeins of gorgeous merino/silk 50/50 blend (for 1/2 off!). and that little wrap didn't get along very well, unfortunately. I've never done any lace work, and so I took the yarn and the pattern to a monthly knitting group I recently joined. They tried valiantly to help, but most of us were out of our depth. After a few false starts, I decided to just give up on that pattern altogether. (I've been trying to find a similar wrap/shawl pattern that doesn't look frumpy, but no luck yet.)

 [Too hard!]

Needing something a bit simpler, I decided to give Andi Satterlund's free cropped sweater pattern a try. I've heard great things about her patterns, and this pattern, though free, is no exception. I love the cabling on her Chuck pattern, but I actually like the shape of the cropped sweater better.

[Sorry, it's hard to photograph black.]

However, because I like to make things difficult on myself, I decided to add some cool cabling to the front. After knitting and frogging too many rows of a different cable pattern several times, I switched to a latticed diamond cable with some cool borders on the sides. That one knit up much more easily.

All in all, this took about a month to complete, and only 2 of the 5 skeins I purchased. Just in time for 80 degree weather, of course, but at least I'll have it handy for chillier nights, and for next fall! What should I do with the rest? 

In other news, Me-Made May is going well! I haven't taken any outfit pics, but I have worn me-made every day (except the first day because I forgot it was a new month). It's also motivated me to sew sew sew. I've now finished a floral maxi dress, another floral dress, and am almost done with a stretchy floral knit skirt. (Is anyone surprised by all of the florals at this point?) Pics to come soon! How's your (me-made) May progressing?


  1. Fab sweater! I love your cables, and I'm full of admiration for your design skills.

    I'm so behind on posting anything for MMM. I need to spend an evening sorting out all the photos and making sure the days are all right!

    1. Thanks so much! I can't take full credit, Andi's other designs definitely inspired me.

      It's definitely fun to make an extra effort for MMM, but I already wear so many me-mades that it doesn't feel like too much of a stretch. Hopefully you can get your pics sorted out soon!