Sunday, June 7, 2015

Indie Pattern Month Commences!

Welp, Indie Pattern Month has started over at the Monthly Stitch, and for once, I'm able to participate (just in time!). 

In a departure from my usual style and my usual choice of fabric pattern, I've made the Sonja dress from Salme patterns.

In addition to having a thing for floral, I also really have a thing for lace. The only problem is, lace and I have never quite seen eye to eye. I guess I'm not super great at working with underlining just yet, but with this dress, finally, it came together!

It's hard to tell in these photos, but this is underlined in a mystery drapey green fabric (that also stretched out while sewing and gave me a few headaches, but I think I overcame them). 

Issues with the pattern:
-You might be able to tell from the picture above that there was some gaping near the armpit. I added an extra dart here, and I think it worked out fine. 

[Pretty sure this lays better when my arms are down.]

-I should've read the pattern more carefully before I started, because seam allowances aren't included. That, coupled with the fact that I didn't take proper measurements, meant that this ended up way too small at first. I added a couple of inches in the back, which is hopefully a pretty inconspicuous fix. 
-Like a lot of people who've sewn this pattern, I omitted the facings and went with bias binding instead. I think most of us agree that facings often just get in the way. 
-This is a simple dress that's pretty easy to put together without instructions. That said, I glanced over the instructions, and they didn't exactly seem clear. 

Those issues aside, I think I'll probably make this up again. There are a couple of minor adjustments I can make to fit, but I think it looks pretty good as-is, right? 

Are you participating in Indie Pattern Month? I'm loving all of the dresses I've seen over there so far!

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  1. Facings are rather annoying, aren't they? The dress looks lovely, and like it fits very well!