Friday, July 20, 2012


Here's yet another "I've seen these around and then I saw a tutorial and just had to make it myself" posts. Are you guys noticing a theme? :)

Suzannah posted these great gold glitter pumps, inspired by Christian Louboutins:

So, I went out and picked up some plain black flats to make my own. 

Unfortunately, I was in such a rush to find some cheap flats that I picked out some that don't fit that well (they didn't have any half sizes). 

Because these shoes are cloth, I knew it'd be harder to get the glitter to stick and cover well, so I decided to spray paint these silver first. It took a few coats of paint, and then quite a few coats of the Mod Podge/glitter mixture, but I got these babies covered eventually! I might just have to make another pair of these that fit a bit better...

Stash busted:
  • Silver spray paint (borrowed from my mom)
  • Mod Podge
Bought new:
  • Glitter (I know I have some somewhere, but, a) I couldn't find it and, b) I needed micro glitter to get the look I wanted - ~$3 on sale at Hobby Lobby)
  • Black shoes ($5 at Wal-mart)
Hmm, looks like I need to get a little better about busting my stash, and stop buying so much new stuff for these projects! Have you guys jumped on the glitter bandwagon?What sparkly things have you made?

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