Monday, September 10, 2012

Bedroom Makeover, Part 1

Hope you all had a great weekend! I spent mine finishing up some details for my Moroccan/travel bedroom makeover (instead of doing homework, oops) because I was so eager to share this with you! I still have a lot left to do before my bedroom is complete, but just seeing this part of the room finished motivates me to get it all done. 

Here's a view of my bedroom before - long and narrow, with no decoration at all. I looked around at the beginning of the summer and couldn't believe I'd lived like that for a year already!
[Yep, that's a bookshelf holding clothes that wouldn't fit into my closets...]

And here is the after: 

[I know, that painting looks crooked - I think my level is mistaken]

I have been soooooo excited about this dresser! I picked it up at a garage sale about a month ago, for a whole $15! It's solidly made, with thick wood veneer, rather than the junk they make these days. It had good simple lines that would make the perfect backdrop to whatever new theme I decided to give it. As a reminder, this is what it looked like before: 

[It's very....woody, no?]

I ended up scrapping my original idea after I saw this post. I found some of the "reject" paint at Home Depot for $2/quart, and my landlord gave me some leftover primer. I bought this neutral ivory (?) color, and a deep red that matched the fabric I bought for my curtains (which I ended up not using after all).

 [My neighbors were VERY curious as to what I was doing on the porch...]

Originally, I wanted to buy new handles, but after seeing how much the home improvement stores wanted for them, I quickly scrapped that idea and decided to give the original handles some TLC.


Then, my mom and I stumbled across some 90% off paint at Menard's. We got several quarts of gold and silver for $3 each, and some other random colors for $2 each. 

[Not so ewwww]

I created a stencil from this plastic paper-stuff I got from Hobby Lobby, then stenciled around it and painted in the gold....which was a huge pain in the butt, but I think all of that work paid off in the end! I'm so pleased with myself, especially considering this is the first real piece of furniture I've made over.

Stash busted: Nothing. Oops.

Bought new: 
  • Dresser: $15
  • Paint: $5 ($2 for the beige, $3 for the gold)
  • Painting supplies: around $15
  • Polyurethane: $15
  • Hobby Lobby stencils: around $2
Total: A little more than $50 for a great custom dresser. I'd call that a success, wouldn't you? 

Now, let me show you all of the things I've got piled on top of the dresser:

[Garage sale globe ($5), auction globe ($20), and vintage suitcase ($2 - I'm still mulling over what I could make out of that one).]

 [Globe bookends from my grandparents' house and my mini travel scrapbooks and travel journals]

[The lamp that started this whole crazy idea: $3 at a garage sale]

Finally, this painting, inspired by yet another Pinterest find: 

[Image from: CozaMia]

Phew! What a long post! Are you guys redecorating (or thinking about it)? What projects do you have lined up?

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