Friday, September 7, 2012


Wow, I can't believe summer's over! I also can't believe how little I've posted, though I *have* been hard at work (picture proof to come soon, I promise!). 

When I haven't been working on random (mostly sewing) projects, I've been dreaming up ideas and gathering supplies for my bedroom makeover. It all started with a garage sale find that I almost overlooked:

Mine also came with a stand and chains, all for the low low price of $3! My bedroom was (and still is) in need of a serious makeover, and this inspiration piece was the perfect start to a Moroccan theme. 

I went to another garage sale not long after and picked up a globe and an old suitcase, and voila, Moroccan-themed was transformed into Moroccan/travel-themed!

In my mind, I knew what kind of fabric I wanted for curtains, but was having a really hard time finding anything until I hit up the Hancock Fabrics spot the bolt clearance sale (this is a seriously awesome sale, guys - most fabrics around $2/yard, I've bought soooo much of it lately!). 

I stopped by a different Hancock later and found a (somewhat) complementary fabric,

 which I intend to use for a foot-of-the-bed bench like this one:

[Image via: Sabby in Suburbia]

Then, I bought a dresser at ANOTHER garage sale. It was originally priced at $50, marked down to $25, and then I talked them down to $15! It's solidly made, but needed some TLC. 

When I bought it, I intended to do something like this,
                                                          [Image via: Brooklyn Limestone]
but as I was working on it, I got carried away with a different idea...coming soon, I promise!

I have so many other ideas swimming around in my head, I can't wait to finally share them with you!

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