Thursday, April 24, 2014

Polo Shirt Refashion

After almost a year of sitting in my UFO pile, I am pleased to announce that this project is finally done!

[My mom, who graciously agreed to take some decent pictures for me, said that I looked like I was ready to go sailing in this outfit. I'd love to!]

I struggled with what buttons I wanted to use for this, and finally decided on some contrasting navy-ish ones.

As a reminder, this is what it looked like beforehand (bad lighting and all):

-a super large old shirt of my dad's with a hole in it (I'm not convinced that my mom didn't make that hole herself just so she wouldn't have to look at this shirt anymore...)

After a promising start, inspired by Merrick, this one languished for quite a while. First, I couldn't get the neckline to sit right. I finally fixed that and wore this to work (we have a very informal dress code) and noticed that it hit me at a very weird spot and I was constantly fussing with it. My solution?

Use some more of those buttons from the back, and some scrap fabric, to make these cute little whatcha-ma-call-its (seriously, what would you call that?). 

I'm not 100% in love with this shirt (1. I accidentally cut the boat neck too big and 2. I'm not sure it's really figure-flattering), but it does fill a hole in my wardrobe and feels very summer-appropriate. I do especially like the cute but easy feel with the navy shorts, and have been wanting to add some stripes to my wardrobe for a while, as they're very classically trendy (a perennial favorite of Tilly’s). And I stash- and UFO-busted like a champ, woohoo!

What's your favorite go-to summer look?

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