Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tania culottes, FINALLY

I know I'm behind the times with these, both sewing-world-wise, and also in terms of how long it's taken me to photograph and post since I finished them, but without further ado, I present my Tania culottes!

[Not only was my facial expression really weird in most of these pictures, but there was a giant smudge right over my head. Oops.]

I don't think it's possible for words to express how absolutely in love with these I am. First, I fell in love with the pattern. Then, I fell in love with this fabric and broke my stash diet pledge (oops - in my defense, it was only $2/yard and I didn't have anything else with enough yardage to make these). Then, I fell in love with the finished shorts, and finally, with the whole outfit! Just seeing these pictures makes me unbelievably happy.

[This is a standard blogger pose, right? Looking down at my feet?]

The turnaround on these was really quick for me, all things considered. I started cutting into the fabric only a week after I bought it, and finished everything but the hem within 3 days. I left them to hang for a bit, as recommended, and then couldn't stand the thought of all that ironing and hemming (and the weather here was still only 40 degrees, so I was in no hurry). 

[Oddly enough, this photo of me adjusting everything is one of my favorites. What can I say? I'm a weirdo.]

I FINALLY hemmed everything up and realized that the hems didn't match and the skirt illusion was shattered. There was some more procrastinating involved knowing that I had to unpick and re-hem, but finally, gloriously, I was able to finish these!

[See? Shorts! Please forgive the white white legs.]

I don't know how many times I read that these are SHORT and should probably be lengthened for modesty, but what did I do in my eagerness to have them done? Cut the standard length, of course. 

After finishing these up, I was reading through my Marie Claire and what did I find? That watercolor-ish florals are all the rage right now! Who would have guessed? For once, I guess I'm on-trend.

Oh well. Live and learn, right? I've already bought the fabric for my next pair (I know, I know, but this time it was only $1.29/yard!), which WILL be longer. It's from the same fabric line, same weight, but black and white. I like this weight of fabric because it's cool enough for summer, but is not super floaty like the pattern recommends - this definitely saved me during some breezy days we've had lately (yes, I've worn them all three days of nice weather we had, before the temperature dropped again).

Wow, looking through these pictures again, it's AMAZING how big of a departure this outfit is from the browns and grays I've been wearing all winter (and am wearing again today because the weather still hasn't quite warmed back up). 

What do you guys think? What's your favorite pair of culottes?
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  1. very cute! I love my tania culottes and hope to make more for the summer!

    1. Thanks so much, Elizabeth! I'll probably end up making a bunch more, too, they're so cute and easy!

  2. What a great little skirt!! Cute and fun.
    I thought "Culottes? Where are the culottes?"
    Then bam!
    Well I love em'.

    1. Thank you! They're VERY useful...never have to worry about flashing anyone while wearing a mini skirt. :)