Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A personal word about "old lady" hobbies

Unlike every single sewing blogger out there (or at least, it seems like every one, from where I'm sitting), I'm single. Which means I'm dating. Which means I inevitably run into some jerks. I've become a bit jaded about the whole thing, honestly, but I still try to laugh most things off. But when someone I've finally started to trust a little bit disappoints or insults me, that's when I seriously start to consider adopting 15 cats and 3 more sewing machines.

Let me preface this a bit: I willingly call myself an old lady sometimes: I like to go to bed around 10 pm (later if the situation calls for it, but I don't want to start a date at 9 pm - I'm not 19 anymore). I like to knit. I like to crochet. I like to sew. I like to cross stitch. I like some granny print stuff. I like vintage. I'm fine with all of that. And I'm fine with poking a little fun at myself, because I know, to the guys in my dating world, those things aren't "hip." I don't go to trendy bars in cocktail dresses, I don't stay out late, I don't take rock climbing trips, and I'm not a fan of of house parties (or at least, house parties that don't involve Cards Against Humanity). My hobbies don't necessarily read as "exciting," but it doesn't matter, because I like them. 

I can be self-deprecating all day. But when someone decides to make that leap themselves, I get peeved. A recent response, when I told someone that one of my favorite hobbies is sewing: “Sewing to me sounds like something my grandma would do.”

How unbelievably insulting. Never mind the very lively segment of bloggers making cool, trend-setting independent patterns. Never mind the fact that, when you sew for yourself, you never have to worry about someone else having the same thing. Never mind that know where your clothes came from (i.e. not a Bangladeshi kid who was paid 3 cents to make it), or that you know it'll last (and you're helping ditch "fast fashion,"), or that it can really take some cognitive work, which studies have shown is likely to stave off Alzheimer's and dementia. Never mind all of that. It's really just plain fun. I get an immense amount of joy in wearing the few makes I've accumulated so far. So to you, boy who doesn't know anything, I say: Nice try. Better luck next time.

What about you guys - have any of you had any particularly frustrating insults (or backhanded compliments) thrown your way? What's your response?

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