Friday, May 2, 2014


When I bought this fabric remnant (1.25 yards), I initially intended to make a tank top or maybe a cardigan - florals are all the rage, right? However, after I washed it and saw how much yardage I really had to work with, I knew a maxi dress was in order.

[More weirdly pissed-off looks, sorry!]

Never mind that the temperature is stubbornly staying in the 50s, and that it's been drizzling all week - I've already worn it twice! I refuse to accept that it's not summer, even while everyone else is still walking around in winter coats and scarves.

I self-drafted this - it's really just a couple of tubes, since I didn't have enough to make a fuller skirt. I lined the bodice with a super-comfy knit fabric I cut from an old babydoll dress I no longer wear:

 So pretty and comfy, I think I'm in love! 

Although, after wearing it all night, I think I'll go ahead and add the straps I was debating adding to begin with. It fell down quite a bit more than I realized in these pictures - nothing too showy, but I think it's more flattering when it's pulled up higher. It'll also help keep it from getting twisted around.

[Left: Being ridiculous. Right: Laughing at being ridiculous.]

This was project #1 of 3 of my sewing insanity weekend. Stay tuned for the other projects (assuming it actually ever gets warm and sunny enough to photograph them!). Here's hoping the weather where you are is better than here!

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