Monday, May 5, 2014

Me-Made May week 1, plus quiet weekend projects

Well, week 1 was a short one, but I managed to wear 3 different me-mades in 2 days (I definitely didn't leave the house this weekend, so nothing to show for Saturday or Sunday): 

Thursday: Unblogged turquoise necklace and earrings.
Thursday (after a quick change for a cocktail party): Floral maxi dress
Friday (because I was feeling lazy and it was cold and rainy): Refashioned polo shirt with a go-to winter sweater and jeans.

My plan for the weekend was to stay in and have another super-productive few days of sewing again. Well, I DID stay in, and I DID sew, but it was not super-productive. I finished the second hem on my second pair of culottes (full post to come soon), and my first from-scratch project was another bow clutch with this beautiful floral fabric:

It's a simple quilting cotton, but I can't tell you how in love with this print I am. Does it look like old-lady fabric? Not that it matters, I still think it's beautiful. For some stupid reason, I only bought 1/4 yard of this (2 years ago?)...probably because that was my epic fabric-buying summer and I'd already spent SO much money, but still, stupid. For the lining, I used this leftover piece from a dress a friend made me (I was supposed to make it WITH her, but that never happened) 5 years ago. Wow. Combined time in stash for these 2 fabrics: 7 years. 

When I went to check out the tutorial for that clutch again, I saw that she'd temporarily taken it down because it's being published in the inaugural issue of Love Sewing Magazine...exciting for her, not-so-exciting for me! However, I figured that since I'd already made 2 of these, I could figure it out pretty easily. 

Well, I was right and wrong. I ended up making some stupid mistakes and needing to rip out a few things, and I had to guess on the measurements based on my previous makes, so it turned out a little smaller than before. 

Here it is with my second version, finished last summer (whose fabric I also love, but which I've never used, of course). Hopefully both of these make it into my summer staples this year! I also have enough of the blue left to make a pillow cover, so I'll get to stare at this pretty print every day!

I also started working on Simplicity 2250 with a bright pink floral and butterfly printed cotton: 

Don't ask me why I thought it would be a good idea to use THIS as my first foray into dressmaking with a commercial pattern. There is SO much pleating and darting, and I ended up not having enough fabric to make all of the pattern pieces as-listed. I think I'll have to do some creative piecing. The bodice is almost all done now, but I'm afraid I cut it too small. Oh well. If it doesn't work out, it wasn't fabric that I loved, anyway.

Did you guys do anything fun this weekend? Were you less hermit-y than I was?

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