Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Unselfish Sewing (mostly)

Hi everyone, hope all is well! I know I'm certainly feeling a lot better now that warmer weather and some sunshine has arrived, how about you?

To be quite honest, I've been lacking sewjo lately. I think part of it had to do with my latest business trip, part of it has to do with being desperate to finish my knit sweater (though it will probably be way too warm by the time I'm done), and part of it had to do with my disaster of a sewing room. (However, the girls in the Stashbusting 2015 group are definitely keeping me motivated!)

Seriously, my sewing room was out of control. But I took some time last week to get my guest room/cat room (what? I'm not the only one who has one, right?) in order, and it felt so good that my sewing room soon followed. It's not quite good enough yet for a tour, but it's SO much nicer. Seriously, every time I walk in there I comment about it (sometimes it's out loud, and yes, I do live alone). 

Since I was finally feeling it last Sunday, I decided to whip up an apron and oven mitt for my cousin's upcoming nuptuals. She had one on her registry, but of course I saw it and thought "I could make that! And with a matching oven mitt to boot!" I used M5825, one of the first patterns I ever bought, with which I made some of the first things I ever sewed!

With the aprons I made for myself, I didn't take much care to check the directionality of the print, and as a result they're a little...unique, ha. I made sure to pay more attention this time, and tried to include some nice finishing touches on both the apron and the mitt - I hope she likes them! 

The mitts were actually ugly freebies from Menards that I just recovered, which made for much faster sewing! And because these came together so easily, I decided to make her another set. The fabric for these was repurposed from some curtains I made for my apartment a couple of years ago. I've moved several times since then and know they wouldn't fit any of my windows anymore, but I still love the print (though maybe not for curtains). I hope she feels the same way, and hey, you can never have too many aprons or oven mitts, right?

Then, since I still wasn't quite sewed out, I threw together (literally, the finishing is crap) a case for my knitting needles from the same repurposed curtains. 


This has been on my to-do list for 3 or 4 years, and I'm so glad to have finally gotten it done! I don't have to use this sad bag of messiness anymore.

I feel so much more productive when things are neat and organized, so I'm hoping they'll stay that way. Do you have any tips for keeping yourself on track?


  1. The fabrics you picked for both aprons, etc. are lovely! I'm having trouble keeping myself on track right now too, probably because I'm in the middle of about 3 major sewing projects. I do have them a little mentally separated--one I'm working on with my mom, so I pick specific days when I have to go out anyway to go to her house and work on them, one is all handwork so I just do that in the evenings when watching tv, and the other I work on when I'm at home during the daytime. I'm hoping to finish the latter (a diaper bag) today, because my room is a mess from cutting and sorting everything, and one of my friends is coming over tomorrow to get my help with some costume sewing! So I desperately need to clean in here.

    1. Thank you, Becky! Sounds like you've got a lot on your plate. Cleaning can definitely get overwhelming, but I'm finding it helps to take just 5 minutes to clean up at the end of a project (or at whatever point I decide to stop at). Good luck with all of your projects!