Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Top 5 of 2014 - part 3

Happy New Year! For those of you who are sick of these round-ups, I think I've mostly saved the best for last in this year-end top 5 (or top-however-many-I-can-think-of). I'll keep this one short and sweet.

Top 5 Hits:

1. There was a lot of Cascade love this year. I think my absolute favorite is this one, though. I love the colors, I love the layers (fashion fabric plus a lining, because the top one's so see-through), I love how breezy it is, and I love how this red cardigan is the exact same red found in the roses.

[Still my favorite picture of this outfit.]

2. More Cascade love, obviously. I think this one got more wear than the first one, and it's certainly gotten a lot of compliments! Plus, it only cost me a song - maybe $1 worth of fabric? Can't beat that!

3. These Tania culottes. They're by far my favorite pair and got worn to death this spring, summer, and fall. They're pretty darn short, but hey, I have nice legs, right? I have to say that I don't love my other 2 pair nearly as much as I love these...

4. My Aidez sweater. It doesn't get worn as much as it should, but that thing is a work of art. I poured a lot of time into it, and it's my first knit sweater, so I'm proud! Now to find some more outfits to pair it with...(I'm also just realizing there are a lot of reds in these outfits! Good to note for the future...)

5. My rainbow quilt. Full of problems, but also full of...awesomeness?

Now on to even bigger and better things for next year!

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